How to Get Azoth Water New World

How to Get Azoth Water in New World

New World, the highly anticipated MMORPG developed by Amazon Game Studios, has taken the gaming community by storm. With its vast open world, immersive gameplay, and intricate crafting system, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their character’s abilities and progress further in the game. One such valuable resource that players strive to obtain is Azoth Water. In this article, we will explore what Azoth Water is, how to obtain it, and address some frequently asked questions regarding this precious resource.

What is Azoth Water?

Azoth Water is a valuable resource in New World that plays a crucial role in the game’s crafting and upgrading systems. It is a mystical liquid that contains immense power, enabling players to enhance their weapons, armor, and abilities. Azoth Water is also required for fast travel, making it an essential resource for players seeking to traverse the vast world of Aeternum efficiently.

How to Obtain Azoth Water?

1. Defeating Enemies: One of the primary ways to acquire Azoth Water is by defeating enemies throughout the world. Certain enemies have a chance to drop Azoth Water upon defeat, so engaging in combat and exploring different regions can yield this valuable resource.

2. Completing Quests: Another reliable method to obtain Azoth Water is by completing various quests scattered across Aeternum. Many quests offer Azoth Water as a reward, providing players with an additional incentive to engage in the game’s rich narrative and explore its diverse regions.

3. Harvesting Azoth Nodes: Azoth Nodes are special locations where players can harvest Azoth Water directly. These nodes can be found in different areas of the world, and interacting with them will grant players a significant amount of Azoth Water. Keep an eye out for these nodes on your adventures.

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4. Trading with Other Players: In a vibrant player-driven economy, trading with other players can be an effective way to obtain Azoth Water. Players who have excess Azoth Water may be willing to trade it for other valuable resources or items, allowing you to acquire it through bartering.

5. Expeditions and Invasions: Participating in expeditions and successfully defending against invasions can provide players with Azoth Water as a reward. These challenging activities often yield greater rewards, making them worthwhile endeavors for those seeking Azoth Water.

6. Crafting and Salvaging: Crafting certain items, such as potions or enchantments, may require Azoth Water as a component. Additionally, salvaging certain items can occasionally yield Azoth Water. Utilize your crafting and salvaging skills to acquire this valuable resource.

7. Territory Control: Participating in territory control activities, such as capturing and defending territories, can grant players Azoth Water as a reward. Engaging in PvP battles and contributing to your faction’s efforts can yield significant rewards, including Azoth Water.


1. Can I buy Azoth Water with real money?
No, Azoth Water cannot be purchased with real money. It can only be obtained through in-game activities, as mentioned earlier.

2. Is Azoth Water tradable?
Yes, Azoth Water is tradable. Players can trade it with other players or use it as a currency in player-driven economies.

3. Can I gather Azoth Water with any gathering profession?
No, Azoth Water cannot be gathered with any gathering profession. It is obtained through defeating enemies, completing quests, harvesting Azoth Nodes, and other means mentioned above.

4. Is Azoth Water required for leveling up my character?
Azoth Water is not directly used for leveling up your character. However, it is essential for enhancing your weapons, armor, and abilities, which indirectly contributes to your character’s overall progression.

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5. Can I store Azoth Water in my inventory?
Yes, Azoth Water can be stored in your inventory. However, keep in mind that it does have a weight value, so managing your inventory space efficiently is crucial.

6. Are there any restrictions on fast travel with Azoth Water?
While Azoth Water is required for fast travel, there are restrictions on the distance and frequency of fast travel. Higher distances and frequent use of fast travel will consume more Azoth Water.

7. Can I sell Azoth Water to vendors?
Unfortunately, Azoth Water cannot be sold to vendors. However, you can trade it with other players or utilize it for your own crafting and upgrading needs.

In conclusion, Azoth Water is a valuable resource in New World that enhances a player’s crafting, upgrading, and fast travel abilities. Obtaining Azoth Water requires engaging in combat, completing quests, harvesting Azoth Nodes, trading with other players, participating in expeditions, and more. Understanding the various ways to acquire Azoth Water will significantly aid players in their journey through the world of Aeternum. So go forth, explore, and harness the power of Azoth Water to unlock your character’s true potential in New World.