How to Increase World Tendency

How to Increase World Tendency and Bring Balance to the World?


World Tendency is a unique feature in the popular action role-playing game, Demon’s Souls. It represents the state of the game world and affects various aspects of gameplay, such as enemy difficulty, available NPCs, and even access to certain areas. Understanding and manipulating World Tendency is crucial to unlocking hidden content and obtaining powerful rewards. In this article, we will explore various strategies to increase World Tendency and bring balance to the game world.

1. Defeating Bosses:

One of the most effective ways to increase World Tendency is by defeating bosses. Each boss slain shifts the World Tendency towards White, making the game world easier. However, it is important to note that defeating bosses in Soul form will have no effect on World Tendency.

2. Avoid Dying in Human Form:

Dying in human form has a negative impact on World Tendency, shifting it towards Black. To maintain a favorable World Tendency, it is advisable to stay in Soul form as much as possible, as dying in this form does not affect it. Use the Nexus to safely level up and regain your body when needed.

3. Killing Demons and Invaders:

Engaging in combat with demons throughout the game world and successfully defeating them will increase World Tendency towards White. Additionally, defeating invading black phantoms, who are players seeking to disrupt your progress, will also positively impact World Tendency.

4. Rescuing NPCs:

Saving NPCs from perilous situations can greatly affect World Tendency. When you come across an NPC in danger, ensure their survival by eliminating the threats around them. This act of heroism will shift the World Tendency towards White and potentially unlock new questlines and rewards.

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5. World Tendency Events:

Demon’s Souls features unique events that occur at specific World Tendency thresholds. These events provide players with significant rewards but require specific World Tendency conditions. Examples include opening new areas, accessing powerful weapons, or encountering unique enemies. Exploring these events and their requirements can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

6. Online Interactions:

Demon’s Souls has an online component that allows players to interact with each other. Players can leave messages, summon others for cooperation, or invade another player’s world as a black phantom. Coordinating with other players and engaging in cooperative gameplay can help defeat bosses and increase World Tendency in your favor.

7. Using Stones of Ephemeral Eyes:

Stones of Ephemeral Eyes are consumable items that return players to human form. Using these stones strategically can be beneficial for increasing World Tendency. By entering human form, players can access specific events, interact with NPCs, and fight black phantoms. However, be cautious not to die in human form, as it will negatively impact World Tendency.


1. Can World Tendency be decreased?
Yes, World Tendency can be decreased by dying in human form or killing certain NPCs. This will shift the World Tendency towards Black.

2. Can I reset World Tendency?
Yes, using the “Ceremony of Return” at the Nexus, players can reset World Tendency to neutral. However, be aware that all progress and events related to World Tendency will be reset as well.

3. Do all actions affect World Tendency equally?
No, certain actions have a greater impact on World Tendency than others. Defeating bosses and killing invading black phantoms have a significant effect, while killing regular enemies has a smaller impact.

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4. Can I increase World Tendency in all areas simultaneously?
No, World Tendency is specific to each area. You must focus on individual areas to increase their corresponding World Tendency.

5. Are there any penalties for dying in Soul form?
No, dying in Soul form does not affect World Tendency. However, you will lose all your accumulated souls and revert to the last visited Archstone.

6. Can World Tendency affect PvP encounters?
Yes, World Tendency can affect PvP encounters. Black phantoms invading your world will become stronger in Black World Tendency, while white phantoms summoned for cooperation will have increased health and damage output in White World Tendency.

7. Can World Tendency be changed while offline?
No, World Tendency can only be changed when connected to the game’s online servers. Offline gameplay will not alter World Tendency.


Manipulating World Tendency in Demon’s Souls is a rewarding experience that unlocks hidden content and provides unique challenges. By following the strategies outlined in this article, players can increase World Tendency, bring balance to the game world, and discover new quests, rewards, and areas. Remember to stay cautious and plan your actions carefully to achieve the desired outcome. Good luck on your journey to restore balance!