Where Is the Set of Girl Meets World

Where Is the Set of Girl Meets World?

Girl Meets World, the hit Disney Channel show that captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, was set in various locations throughout its three seasons. The show served as a sequel to the popular 90s sitcom, Boy Meets World, and followed the lives of Cory and Topanga Matthews’ daughter, Riley, and her friends as they navigated the challenges of adolescence. While the show predominantly took place in New York City, the set itself was located in Los Angeles, California.

The main set of Girl Meets World was built at the Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles. This studio lot has been home to many iconic television shows and movies over the years. The set was meticulously designed to replicate the Matthews’ family apartment in New York City, where a significant portion of the show’s action took place. The set was complete with detailed decor, including the iconic bay window that served as a meeting place for Riley and her best friend, Maya.

In addition to the Matthews’ apartment, the set also included other locations frequented by the characters. Riley and Maya’s middle school, John Quincy Adams Middle School, was another key setting on the show. The school set was also built at the Hollywood Center Studios and featured typical classrooms, hallways, and a cafeteria where many memorable moments occurred.

Another notable set was Topanga’s cafe, which served as a popular hangout spot for the characters. The cafe set was designed to be cozy and inviting, with a rustic charm that reflected Topanga’s personality. It became a central location for the characters to gather, have heartfelt conversations, and share memorable experiences.

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Aside from these main sets, Girl Meets World also ventured outside of the studio for various on-location shoots. The show occasionally filmed on the streets of Los Angeles, particularly when portraying the characters’ adventures in New York City. These outdoor shoots added an authentic touch to the show and allowed viewers to feel fully immersed in the characters’ world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the Girl Meets World set a real apartment?
No, the Matthews’ apartment set was built specifically for the show at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles.

2. Did they film any episodes in New York City?
While the show was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, they occasionally filmed on-location in New York City to capture the essence of the characters’ adventures.

3. Can you visit the Girl Meets World set?
Unfortunately, the set is not open to the public for visits. It is a closed set reserved for production purposes only.

4. Are any parts of the set preserved as a museum or exhibit?
At this time, there are no known plans to preserve or exhibit any parts of the Girl Meets World set.

5. How long did it take to build the set?
The construction of the set took several weeks to ensure all the details were accurately replicated.

6. Were there any changes made to the set throughout the show’s run?
While minor changes and updates may have been made for specific episodes or storylines, the overall design and layout of the set remained consistent throughout the show’s duration.

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7. Are there any plans for a Girl Meets World reunion or spin-off?
As of now, there are no confirmed plans for a Girl Meets World reunion or spin-off. However, fans continue to hope for a future project that brings back the beloved characters and their world.

In conclusion, the set of Girl Meets World was located at the Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, California. It faithfully recreated the Matthews’ apartment, John Quincy Adams Middle School, and Topanga’s cafe. While the show primarily took place in New York City, the set allowed viewers to fully immerse themselves in the characters’ world. Although the set is not open to the public, fans can still cherish the memories created within its walls through the show’s episodes.